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How Java Apps Litter Beyond the Heap

Denis Magda – Developer Relations - Yugabyte

As Java developers, we know that our code can be messy, like a college dorm after a wild party. But it's not just the Java heap that needs cleaning - oh no! Our code is so messy it's like a toddler with spaghetti - it gets everywhere. We've got garbage piling up in the database and even clogging up our hardware! In this session, we'll look at how our code is making a mess all over the place - using PostgreSQL or YugabyteDB as our prime suspects. And let's not forget our trusty SSDs - they're taking a beating too. But fear not! We'll show you how to keep your code clean and tidy, so your production environment stays squeaky.

ChatGPT and Java

Frank Greco - NYJavaSIG

OpenAI has released a REST-based API for their generative models, allowing Java developers to integrate advanced ML features into their applications easily. This revolutionary technology has unlimited potential, from chatbots to predictive models. Let's investigate the API and show some demos. We'll also share some personal experiences and perspectives on the future.

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Denis Magda

Denis Magda

Denis Magda is an open-source software enthusiast who started his journey in the technology evangelism group of Sun Microsystems and Java engineering team of Oracle. He now supports the Apache Software Foundation as an Apache Ignite committer and Project Management Committee member. He is currently the Director of Developer Relations at Yugabyte.

Frank Greco is the founder of the NYJavaSIG, a Java Champion and enterprise architect particularly focused on machine learning, cloud, mobile/edge computing, and developer communities. He is an educator, technology manager, frequent writer, and author. Frank focuses on strategic technology/business partnerships, enterprise infrastructure, and emerging technologies, particularly for financial systems and large enterprises. Frank is the co-author of JSR #318, Visual Recognition Machine Learning API for Java. He is a frequent global speaker at major technology trade shows such as JavaOne, QCon, DevNexus, Jfokus, Devoxx, Technology Transfer International, etc.


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