Quantum-Resistant Cryptography
Using Java

Thanks to Sascha Goldsmith, CTO of Quantum Knight

Thanks to Microsoft for hosting and Quantum Knight for the pizza!


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Quantum Resistant Cryptography in Java

Sascha Goldsmith - CTO Quantum Knight (stealth mode startup)

Today's traditional cryptographic algorithms and key exchange technologies will soon fall to quantum adversaries, whether using Grover's algorithm to whittle down symmetric keys or Shor's to overcome their asymmetric equivalents. As the price of storage plummets, vast amounts of encrypted data is already being stored with the knowledge it will be vulnerable within a short time frame. Data at rest has the longest duration and hence the greatest concern. Whether in financial services, health care, industry or government, the time to rethink existing cryptographic architecture is now. This presentation will explain the current landscape, covering existing and upcoming technologies that will undermine current algorithms. We will briefly explore the mathematical underpinnings of current implementations and see how quantum algorithms will shortly render these solutions susceptible to attack. Then, we will move to the draft NIST standards for a post-quantum (or at least far more quantum-resistant) set of proposals for how organizations can evolve and adapt, covering existing finalists for post-quantum implementations (and their recent hacks), as well as using quantum to defend against quantum, particularly in the realm of better entropy. Finally, we will present code examples and interactive demonstrations of the performance and strength of cutting-edge ciphers and how to integrate them into a Java environment to protect data in transit and in storage.

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Thanks to Microsoft for hosting and Quantum Knight for the pizza!

Sascha Goldsmith

Sascha Goldsmith

Sascha Goldsmith has worked for the past 30 years as a passionate technologist and builder across a variety of industries. With a law degree and a decade working for banks and financial firms, he has always had a passion for security and privacy. His patents covered novel ways to enable private web browsing. His teams deployed the first publicly facing Scala service at Amazon, with two billion requests a year and owned the frameworks used by 600+ teams at Amazon to deliver both front-end and back-end applications. He has hosted dozens of training sessions covering software design and technical interviewing techniques.
Sascha now works as the CTO of Quantum Knight, a next-generation, post-quantum set of cryptographic tools. Operating at much higher key sizes (512 - 10,220-bit) with at least an order of magnitude speed improvement over conventional symmetric ciphers, Quantum Knight's CLEAR technology will enable individuals and enterprises, from financial services to industrial controllers, to enjoy more robust and performant security even in the face of a quantum adversary. Their key exchange technology, near release, does not rely on traditional asymmetric cryptography but rather novel applications of known math and physics problems. Both technologies thwart quantum attackers and allow communications and data at rest to remain secure.

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