Dec 14 Meeting

Functional Java, Groovy, and Kotlin

Java Champion Ken Kousen!

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Back in March I was scheduled to give a talk at the NYJavaSIG about the functional features of the Java, Groovy, and Kotlin programming languages. I intended to discuss basic streams, lambdas, and method references in all three languages, and then look at more advanced functional features like trampolining, closure composition, and memoization.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, and I asked the inimitable Venkat Subramaniam to fill in for me, which, I am assured, he capably did. I gave him my slides and my code and expected him to do the speaker equivalent of presentation karaoke, but no, he threw everything away and live-coded it all instead, as he does.

I'm back now to clean up the mess he left behind. Please come and see as I go to great lengths to avoid becoming the Java speaker equivalent of Wally Pipp.

You're New Yorkers, so presumably, you get that reference, but if not, I'll explain it during the talk.  🙂 

Note from our meeting host Microsoft:  Photo ID and either your Vax card (image ok) or you have to sign an attestation that you've taken a COVID test in the past seven days.

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Ken Kousen

Ken Kousen

Ken Kousen is a Java Champion, a Grails Rock Star, and a JavaOne Rock Star. He is the author of the Pragmatic Library book “Help Your Boss Help You,” the O'Reilly books “Kotlin Cookbook” “Modern Java Recipes”, and “Gradle Recipes for Android”, and the Manning book “Making Java Groovy”. He also has recorded over a dozen video courses for the O'Reilly Learning Platform, covering topics related to Android, Spring, Java, Groovy, Grails, and Gradle. His academic background includes BS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics from M.I.T., an MA and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from Princeton, and an MS in Computer Science from R.P.I. He is currently President of Kousen IT, Inc., based in Connecticut.


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