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Exploring Debugger Internals to Make You a Better Java Developer

July 2 TUES 6:30pm-8pm at BNYM


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Debugging Unveiled: Exploring Debugger Internals to Make You a Better Java Developer

Debuggers are indispensable tools for Java developers, allowing us to conquer bugs and quickly untangle complex systems. But have you ever wondered about the magic behind them? Curious about how features like conditional breakpoints and remote debugging are implemented? Are you intrigued by the myriad of advanced features in modern IDEs and how they communicate seamlessly with your JVM? Join us for an enlightening deep dive into the world of Java debuggers. Discover the inner workings, unlock hidden gems, and learn how to harness their full potential to elevate your development skills. This is your opportunity to transform debugging from a routine task into a powerful ally in your coding arsenal.

Thanks to BNYM for hosting!

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Johannes Bechberger

Johannes Bechberger is a JVM developer working on profilers and their underlying technology in the SapMachine team at SAP. This includes improvements to async-profiler and its ecosystem, a website to view the different JFR event types, and improvements to the FirefoxProfiler, making it usable in the Java world. He started at SAP in 2022 after two years of research studies at the KIT in Java security analyses. His work today comprises many open-source contributions and his blog, where he regularly writes on in-depth profiling and debugging topics. He also works on hello-ebpf, the first eBPF library for Java.

Since 2023, he’s been touring Europe’s Java User Groups and conferences, like JavaZone and Devoxx Belgium, to speak on various topics.


Meeting Location

Bank of New York Mellon, 
88 Murray Street, New York, NY 10286

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