Lightning Talks and Mastering Your Career - June 9 Wed

NYJavaSIG First-Ever Lightning Talks!


Bruno Souza - Java Champion



The First-Ever NYJavaSIG Lightning Talks! 


Growing Your IT Career:
Skills, Collaboration, and Visibility - Bruno Souza!

Join us for the first-ever round of Lightning Talks for the NYJavaSIG.  We have a series of quick (5 minute) electrifying blasts of Java technology tips, story-telling, and career guidance.  Most of our speakers are from the local NY Java community.

And... after these bolts of powerful talks, we have the incomparable Bruno Souza (aka "JavaMan") Java Champion and founder of one of the largest Java communities on the planet (yes, there are just a few bigger groups than the NYJavaSIG).  Bruno has a long history of being a huge Java proponent, open-source evangelist, and cloud computing expert.


  • Bruno Souza - Java Champion, Open-Source Evangelist, Cloud Computing Expert, Career Coach

  • Elena Felder - Google - Software Engineer - Google Identity w Spring Security

  • Janeice DelVecchio - Software Developer - Performance Tuning: where do I start?

  • Erik Kariyev - FRB - Software Developer - Video on Demand: Behind the Scenes

  • Mike Redlich - InfoQ - Java Queue News Editor - Jakarta NoSQL / MongoDB

  • Hui Min Wu - Bloomberg - Software Developer - Java and Robotics


About NYJavaSIG

The New York Java Special Interest Group (NYJavaSIG) is based in New York City and attracts Java developers from the tri-state region. Through its regular monthly general meetings, bi-monthly specialty workgroup meetings and its website, the NYJavaSIG brings together members of New York's Java community so they can share their tips, techniques, knowledge, and experience.

The NYJavaSIG was founded in 1995 by Frank Greco. Read More


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