Project Loom: Scalable, Harmonious Concurrency for the Java Platform

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Ron Pressler - Project Lead OpenJDK


Scalable, Harmonious Concurrency for Java

Concurrent applications, those serving multiple independent application actions simultaneously, are the bread and butter of Java server-side programming. The Thread has been Java’s primary unit of concurrency since Java’s inception and is a core construct around which the entire Java platform is designed. But its cost is such that it can no longer efficiently represent a domain unit of concurrency, such as the session, request, or transaction.

Project Loom aims to reinstate the Thread as an efficient unit of concurrency by adding a lightweight implementation of threads to the Java platform. This would allow straightforward code that’s easy to write, understand, and maintain. It would be a useful abstraction that works in harmony with the platform and its tooling to scale and meet the requirements of even the most demanding concurrent applications.

Ron Pressler works at Oracle, in the Java Platform Group, and is the technical lead for OpenJDK's Project Loom.

Please review Ron's
30 min presentation on Project Loom before the meeting. He will give a shortened version of his talk and leave plenty of time for questions from the NYJavaSIG.


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